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Classical Music Children’s Concerts... What’s in it for me?

The Hertford Symphony Orchestra is reviving it’s

much-loved children’s concert on 26th June!

But will you be taking your family?

If you are wondering whether this is really for you and your little one, read on!

Most parents believe that music is ‘good’ for their little ones and hope that their children will, one day, enjoy opportunities to learn music and enjoy singing in a choir or playing in a musical ensemble with likeminded pals! But did you realise that your children are more likely to do this, and actually stick with it, if families expose them to rich musical experiences from an early age?

Exciting possibilities!

Children are born musical and have the capacity to engage with and comprehend all sorts of complex musical genres (just like they have the capacity to learn any language in the world!). As they develop and grow, most children in England are encultured into learning and speaking English and also into a Western musical culture that includes music on TV, nursery rhymes and the music their parents listen to in the car or at home! If we include live classical music concerts in this mix we are giving our children something very precious and opening their eyes to new and exciting possibilities!

Rich Musical Experiences

My parents frequently took my twin sister and I to concerts, to the theatre (including opera and musical theatre) and to ballet … they gave us a taste of what was possible even though they themselves didn’t play instruments. Of course, they still struggled to get us to practice enough but I am glad they nagged because I now enjoy playing the cello in Hertford Symphony Orchestra, my sister plays the French Horn with Leicester Symphony Orchestra and we both regulary play the piano in our schools. People often say we are gifted – but really, we are not! We were lucky enough to have parents who exposed us to all sorts of music and encouraged us to learn when we were young! Now we are reaping the rewards!

Hertford Symphony Orchestra’s children’s concerts are short, educational, engaging and, above all, fun!

This orchestra is made up of the cream of local musicians many of whom teach in our local schools. The orchestra works hard and is dedicated to bringing high quality music to local audiences.


Bring your children on 26th June because...

... your children will love it!

... You want to support your local orchestra!

...You will love it!

... HSO is on your doorstep

...You will be making a difference to

your child's musical future!

(Fancy dress is optional for young members of the audience ...

...but it's a guarantee that the orchestra will be

whole-heartedly entering into this little bit of fun !)


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