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A Hint of Halloween at Little Bees

When I lived in the USA I learnt a lot!

A lot of .....


Bananaphone, Oh the more we get Together, Raisins and Almonds and Tommy Thumb, Going to Kentucky to name just a few...

A lot about ....

how to make people feel welcome

People were so warm and welcoming and friendly and when they said 'have a nice day' they actually meant it - whole heartedly!

A lot about...

Early Childhood Music Education

I first attended classes near Boston with a wonderful musician called Martha who wore purple dungarees and played the guitar. Then we moved to California and went to Music Together classes with a fantastic actor/musician called Marek. I then did a bit of training with Music Together and started my Early Childhood Music journey which continues today!

And I learnt that...

Halloween doesn't have to be about dressing up in scary costumes!

In the USA it is a fancy dress ocassion. My son was just 18 months the first year we were there so we bought lots of sweets (ok.. we called it 'candy'!) and enjoyed opening the door to all sorts of characters including one dressed as a rubbish bin (ok... it was actually a 'trash can'!).

So at Little Bees this October half-term our classes will be fancy dress and, through songs about spiders and frogs and a bit of potion making ('chop chop choppety chop'), there will be just a little hint of Halloween!


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