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Image by Marius Masalar


Katie has recently completed a 3 year part-time MA in Early Childhood Music Education at the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (part of Birmingham City University). This highly respected course attracts students internationally and Katie was delighted to join a wonderful community of practice with student colleagues from Norfolk, Sussex, Amsterdam and Rome!

Katie Neilson doing research with book and teddy bears on the table

Katie’s 2nd year research focussed on the effects of adults’ musical responses to young children’s musical behaviours.


Her final year dissertation looked at musical parenting and explored the idea of musical parenting classes for parents with young babies.

As a result of her studies, Katie has now made presentations at two online academic meetings: MERYC-England (Music Educators and Researchers of Young Children) in January 2021 and the International RiME (International Research in Music Education) conference in April 2021.

Her work has attracted interest by other Early Childhood teachers and researchers and she is now working with colleagues to seek funding and develop a 3-year national research project.

Teddy bears, books and shakers
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