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  • How long are Little Bees classes?
    Classes at Hertford Theatre are 40 - 45 minutes. Try to arrive 5 minutes before the class starts, if you can.
  • What age can my baby start Little Bees classes?
    It is up to you to decide! Some parents decide to start classes when their baby is just a few weeks old, others like to wait until 6 or 7 months. If you are unsure, please email/call Katie to discuss.
  • Is my child too old for Little Bees?
    Little Bees accepts children up to the age of 4 and many 4-yr-olds love the classes still... others think they are too grown-up. Only you know your child well enough to know the answer!
  • What if my child won’t sit still?
    Relax! Children learn in different ways and not all children want to sit perfectly still beside their grown ups. Katie doesn’t encourage running in the class but walking or crawling around is fine. As long as your child is safe then she won’t worry. The only exception to this rule is that (for safety reasons) children have to sit down when working with rhythm sticks: either that or hand their sticks in to their grown up before starting their wandering!
  • Do I have to sing?
    Normally Katie says this … You don’t HAVE to sing but Katie really likes it when the adults join in! The children work with you in the class and love to hear your voice however good or bad it is! Whether you sing in class or not, you are sure to be singing them at home! You are the role model for your child so please join in as enthusiastically as you can (whether you sing out loud or not!). However please note that current Government guidance asks parents not to sing along in classes.
  • Is it ok to bring visiting Grandparents to a class?
    Usually it is fine but social distancing rules mean that only one adult can attend the class with their children .... hopefully this won't be the rule for too long.
  • Does Little Bees offer trial classes?
    This is not easy at the moment because of social distancing rules... however, if this is important to you, please talk to Katie and she will do her best to find a way!
  • How much do classes cost?
    Currently Hertford Theatre class fees are £52 for 6 weeks. This price includes booking fees and the hire of resources, Be aware that a £20 returnable deposit is also required for the bag of resources. For the Mill House Studio baby classes fees are £49 for 6 weeks. The price includes booking fees and the use of resources (fyi baby class bags are not loaned out).
  • Do you offer “Pay as You Go” lessons?
    Sadly I can’t offer this at the moment but hope to reinstate a drop in class at some point in the future.
  • Do I have to pay for the whole term at once?
    Termly payments are preferred. However, if this is a problem, it might be possible to pay in instalments. Please talk to Katie to find out more.
  • How much do you charge for siblings?
    Siblings under a year go free. Siblings over one pay half price.
  • Is it OK to bring older siblings who are off school on INSET days?
    Usually this is absolutely fine but please contact Katie to check first.
  • Are there discount codes for new customers?
    Sadly this is not currently available as numbers are limited and margins are very low.
  • How can I help my child at home?
    Sing regularly and have fun adapting songs to enjoy in everyday life. Give your child a small collection of instruments (which could include pots, pans and wooden spoons) and use the resource bag too! Share songs with the rest of the family – they will love them too. Listen out for the music in everyday activities - enjoy the musical sounds and patterns your child makes and try engaging in musical conversations!

If you have any other questions, or would like to find out more about Little Bees, please contact Katie. 

Thank you Little bees for the lovely music, the beautiful songs, cool dance moves, fun instruments, cute and funny puppets and the peaceful lullabies!

 - Marie, Hertford - 


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