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Who's in Charge?

Any song will do but I recommend Little Bees' favourite, 'Shake and shake and shake and stop!'

Enjoy playing the game together and, at first, you take the lead. Try short pauses or long pauses and enjoy eye contact and a sense of fun with your little one - lots of smiles and laughter!

Once your little one knows the song try getting out the shakers or bells and singing the first phrase.

Then stop .... and wait ...

...wait for a signal from them. It could be that they shake their shaker or bell ... or they might make a tiny gesture or eye movement. Whatever it is, you will know that they want the next phrase, so sing!

Work your way through the song stopping at the end of each phrase and starting when (and only when) they indicate that it is time!

Together you will have lots of fun and

your baby will just love being 'in charge!'

If you would like to know more about Katie's classes for parents and babies, please contact Katie!


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